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Are you ready? What if your period catches you by surprise.

How can you be ready for your period if you don’t know when it’s coming?
It’s like carrying an umbrella in case it might rain—just carry a tampon or pad with you. Forperiod protection, wear an Always pantiliner for the days leading up to your period. Or leave some in your locker so you’ll always have supplies at school. Since tampons are small, they’ll also fit easily in your purse. If you’re caught off guard, don’t be shy—ask a friend if she has any pads or tampons with her. The school nurse, secretary, or a physical education or health teacher might be able to help, too.

What happens if you start your period and you don’t have protection?
As a short-term solution, fold some toilet tissue and put it in your underwear to absorb the flow. Your period usually starts with just a few drops of blood, so you have time to get the right protection.

What do you do if you start menstruating in school?
If your period comes unexpectedly, no matter where you are, don’t panic. At school, your teachers and school nurse know all about what’s happening and usually can provide you with "emergency" period protection.

Once you begin to menstruate regularly, you’ll know when to expect your next period, so be prepared with your own supply of menstrual protection. Keep "extras" in a zippered case or compartment in your bag or knapsack. Many girls carry Tampax Compak tampons because of their discreet size, they tuck away so easily in a purse or fit in the palm of your hand.

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