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Talking to Dad about Periods

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So your period is really heavy. Sometimes, it lasts for four weeks in a row. You feel all out of whack when that happens and it makes you a little nervous. The worst part is your dad has to sign a note so you can go to the doctor during school hours. That means he'll want to know what's wrong with you.

Although your dad might be the last person you want to ask about bloating, cramps and heavy bleeding - you should talk to someone about it.

• Ask him to make you a doctor's appointment. If you're having a personal problem like irregular periods or menstrual cramps, you should probably tell your dad you want to see a doctor. If your dad asks why, just tell him you're having some minor personal problems. If you want to keep it at that, he'll probably understand. At least this way he'll know something is going on with you and he'll be there to help if you need him.

• Keep it casual. If you do decide to talk to your dad about your female problems, you can keep it simple and brief. He might just refer you to a woman he trusts. Or you never know, he could have some helpful advice about your problem.
Don't be ashamed to talk about anything that's a natural, normal part of being female. You'll feel better when you have answers to your questions.

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