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Using tampons – the basics

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How old do you have to be to use tampons?

When you start having your period, you’re old enough to use Tampax tampons. You might want to first use pads to see how heavy or light your period flow is.

Can I use a tampon overnight?

Yes. Tampax tampons can be worn for up to eight hours during the day or night. They give you full protection, and stay in place no matter how much you flip around when you sleep! One thing, though, if you usually sleep more than eight hours, you should use an Always pad, or set the alarm to wake you up after eight hours. A tampon should always be removed after eight hours.

Can tampons be used for discharges other than menstrual fluid?

No—you should only use Tampax tampons during your period. Remember, a little vaginal discharge between your period is normal and you can use Always pantiliners for that if you like. If you think you have a lot of vaginal discharge between periods, chat to your doctor.

Can I use two Tampax tampons at the same time?

No. Only use one tampon at a time. If you’re worried that your flow is too heavy, use our Super Plus absorbency size, or use a pad with a tampon for extra protection.

When I use a tampon, should I wear a pad, too?

Sometimes it’s helpful to wear a pantiliner when you’re first getting used to tampons until you know how often to change them and which absorbency is best for you.


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