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Girlfriends are the best

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  1. Show you appreciate her
     Surprise her now and then with her favourite chocolate or magazine. Send her a really sentimental friendship card … just because.
  2.  Listen when she talks
    She’s there for you when you’re down and never says, “You told me that already,” even if you have. Be there for her in the same way.
  3. Put the friendship first
    Don’t take her for granted and ignore your best friend for people who might not be around forever.
  4.  Keep her secrets
     Don’t ever betray her trust. Never reveal anything she confides in you, unless it’s something that may put her in harm’s way.
  5. Always support your friend
    Stand up for her, whether she’s around or not. She needs to know she can count on you to be on her side. If you happen to disagree with how she handles a particular situation, tell her -- but in private.
  6. Let her know when you’re upset with her
    Work out problems rather than ignoring them. Anger and resentment build up when bottled-up. Don’t scream, just calmly tell her how you feel and why.
  7.  Apologise when you’re wrong
    Don’t get defensive. Instead, learn to accept who she is and not expect her to always agree with your view on things. Keep this in mind: It’s better to lose the fight than the friend.

While guys have friends to do stuff with, girls share their lives with their friends on an intimate level. These relationships are strong enough to raise self-esteem, battle peer-pressure and genuinely last … forever. We are very lucky to have friendships like these!

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