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How I became my own personal trainer (not the paid kind)

You can too!

A while ago my most strenuous daily activity was looking for the remote control, and my weight training routine was carrying enough food from the kitchen so I didn’t have to make another trip. I did this because I didn’t have the energy to get up to change the channel—or even walk to the other room!

The term couch potato didn’t apply to me—potatoes are too lively! I never wanted to go anywhere or do anything. Then it hit me—I didn’t feel good—EVER! I also realized that I didn’t look so great either. Somewhere along the line I REALLY stopped taking care of myself and it had taken its toll, even though I’m only 19.

That’s when I decided to become my own personal trainer and make my health my top priority. Here are some tips that helped me become a better looking and feeling person.

A Doctor’s Visit
First I threw away the chips and the last half cupcake. Then I went to my doctor. She made sure that it was okay for me to exercise since I was inactive for so long. Of course, she recommended that I follow a healthy routine which consists of diet and exercise to feel better and become healthier.

My healthy routine
Phase 1: dog walks and rabbit food

The idea of running 5 miles was as foreign to me as skipping the butter on popcorn or answering “No” to "Do you want that super-sized?" I realized I had to set short-term realistic goals.

To start exercising, I promised my dog—who had gotten a little roly-poly herself—a brisk walk everyday. To improve my diet I committed to eating vegetables at lunch and dinner.

Healthy Routine – Phase  1 plan:
• Daily walk with the dog
• Eat more veggies

That’s it. Just two little adjustments to myhealthy routine. It may seem like nothing but it’s a lot and it makes it a lot easier to stick to than a bunch of new rules.

How am I doing?
It’s been a month now, and I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have tons more energy and sleep better at night. The dog even shaved off a couple of dog years.

Healthy Routine – Phase 2: build up stamina
My achievements got me so psyched that now I want to keep getting healthy, so I set some more manageable, short-term goals:

I decide to add some jogging to my daily walking exercise. By increasing my walking to jogging, I’ll strengthen my heart and increase my endurance.

I also decided to cut down on the number of sodas I drink. Cutting back on sodas meant giving up a favorite drink but it also meant getting rid of 10 teaspoons of sugar (140 empty calories) not to mention caffeine (Yuck!) per can. I decided to consider a soda a treat instead of a drink with every meal.

Phase  2 plan:
• Jog with the dog three days a week
• Cut back on soda

Some other easy quick tips:
• Instead of chatting online with your friends, chat while you’re going for a walk.
• If you’re dying for a junk food snack, get the single serving size so that you can finish the bag and it’s not a disaster.

You can do it too
You don’t have to hire a trainer to be healthy. Be your own personal trainer. Pick out two things RIGHT NOW that you think you could stick to for a month. Make one a diet change, one an exercise action. Or try the ones I’m doing if they apply to you!
I’m really excited about getting healthy. Check back with me in a month and see how I’m doing—I could really use your support.

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