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The Scoop on Poop

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We all have a favourite mortifying bathroom story. Although it's true nothing could be more natural, it's also true nothing else we do daily is so open to total embarrassment. Between the sounds and the smells, pooping is the most personal of body functions that, due to circumstances beyond our control, usually takes place in the public arena. As icky and gross as it is to talk about, learning the cause and care of diarrhoea can help.

The facts on diarrhoea

If you notice a sudden increase in the frequency and looseness of your bowel movements, you have diarrhoea. The more watery, and more frequent, the more severe a case. Doctors worry that you may become dehydrated from the excessive loss of body fluids.

Diarrhoea is usually caused by a viral infection of the lining of the intestines. If you are "blessed" with a bout of diarrhoea you should:
• Make sure you drink enough fluids..
•  Eat more food containing starch, like cereal, breads, crackers, rice, mashed potatoes and noodles.
• Eat or drink less milk or milk products.
• Avoid beans or any other food that causes loose bowel movements.
• Always wash your hands after using the toilet. Diarrhoea is very contagious.
• Go back to your regular diet one day after the diarrhoea is gone, usually in three or four days.
• Call your doctor if you see blood, mucous or pus, signs of dehydration, if you have more than eight BMs in eight hours or if it lasts more than two weeks.

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