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Being breast aware

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Breast awareness is about being aware of your body. Learning how your boobs feel at different times will help you know what’s normal for you. 


Breasts feel different at different times of the month (like before or during your period). The milk-producing tissue in the breast becomes active in the days before a period starts. 


Getting to know your boobs


You can get to know your breast tissue by looking at and feeling your boobs in any way that’s best for you (in the bath, shower, or when you’re getting dressed).


What you should be thinking about:


• Become your own boob expert, and get to know what’s normal for you


• Get to know how your boobs look and feel


• Look out for changes


• Notice any changes? Tell your GP straight away 


Here’s what to check for...


How your boobs look. Check for any change in the outline or shape of your boob, especially caused by moving your arm, or by lifting your boobs. Do you see any puckering or dimpling of your skin?


How your boobs feel. Pay attention to any pain or feelings of discomfort in one boob that’s different from normal. Especially if it’s new and lasting.


Any lumps. Check for any lumps, thicker bits or bumpy areas in one boob or armpit that seem to be different from the same part of your other boob and armpit. This is really important if it’s new, so pay attention.


Changes in your nipples. Look for nipple discharge that’s new for you and not milky, or bleeding or reddish areas that are moist and don’t heal easily. Also check for any change in the position of your nipple –like if it’s pulled in or points in a different way. Or if you notice a rash on or around your nipple.


If you notice any of these changes, get to your GP.


By being breast aware and paying attention to your how your boobs look and feel (especially right after your period) you’ll become your own boob expert. So if anything unusual develops, you’ll know straight away. 


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